I spent most of Wednesday at the Legislative Education Study Committee meeting in the Santa Fe Roundhouse. I always find these meetings fascinating and generally they generate a news story. Secretary of Education-designate Hanna Skandera was scheduled to testify late in the day about proposed legislative education bills she would be promoting, but the darn meeting ran about two hours over-time and she was let off the hook. I caught her in the hallway for a few minutes and wrote a piece on the ongoing saga of whether to promote a third grader who can’t read or hold him/her back. Here’s a link to that story in today’s New Mexican: http://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/education/martinez-ready-for-fresh-fight-on-third-grade-retention/article_90aaed0b-c51a-5e61-a17b-88fe4918627e.html
Today (Thursday Nov. 14th) the Legislative Education Study Committee discusses teacher evaluations – another prickly topic among educators.