Hooked on Books, which started as a student-led initiative from the Santa Fe School of Arts and Sciences, encourages kids to read by setting up contests in which the top achievers win prizes. The most recent contest is called Map Quest, where kids have to read a book and then make a map about the book. Today (Nov. 11th) at Capshaw Middle School, the campaign honored four 7th graders who took top spots in the current contest: Roya Ahmadi-Moghadam (1st place), Brianna Hernandez (2nd place), and Anthony Garcia and Ramon Roybal (tied for 3rd place). I stopped by Capshaw to have lunch with them today and talk over a chicken sandwich, pizza, and spaghetti (that is, you had your choice of a chicken sandwich, pizza, and/or spaghetti). Anthony, who has a thing for Greek myths, said he likes to read anything he can get his hands on. He plans to join the Marines when he graduates from high school, and said he likes every one of his classes. Why does he like reading? “You start imagining you’re in the book,” he said. Brianna wants to go to college to be a lawyer. “They make a lot of money,” she said. Roya wants to be an interior designer and said she’s already developed a knack for it. Ramon said his goal is to keep his grades up and become a professional basketball player. On Wednesday, Nov. 13th, the Hooked on Books initiative hosts 1976 Nobel Peace Prize winner Betty Williams at the Scottish Rite Temple in Santa Fe. Apparently the event is set up so attending students – perhaps including the four from Capshaw – can interview Williams to generate some interplay. Visit this link for more information on that event: http://www.santafeschool.org/news/nobel-laureate-to-visit-school