Over the weekend New Mexico senator George Muñoz, D-Gallup, asked the Legislative Education Study Committee to put together an evaluation rubric for our state’s Public Education Department, Governor Susana Martinez, and Secretary-of-Education designate Hanna Skandera. The press release accompanying this call notes that the governor and Skandera “have insisted on an evaluation system for educators that has overwhelmed the school system. Meanwhile they have ignored the needs of students and school districts.”

I guess Muñoz wants something akin to the A-F system that PED initiated some time back for all state schools. I talk to a lot of educators, parents, and students about this grading system and from my point of view, it still works like this: if your school got an A or B, you’re OK with the system but don’t want to gloat, and if your school got a D or F, you feel it’s unfair or, as some put it, “I don’t feel our school is a D school.” If you are a C school, you generally don’t say much as you are glad you are above the D or F range but wish you were in the A or B range. Mostly people tell me they don’t understand the complicated rubric behind it, so I hope the senator’s supporters help him put together a rubric that is much more simple to explain.