The Santa Fe Community College’s 2011/2012 audit report displayed a number of questionable internal practices when it came to financial control and compliance (or lack) in some areas. During Tuesday evening’s governing board meeting at the college, an update on 2012 audit findings including staff response was presented. here’s a link to that report:

Otherwise, the meeting was interesting in terms of 1) hearing the faculty senate representative bring up the issue of unionizing the staff – because of repeated and reported concerns that no one is listening to their concerns. And 2) the possibility of the college hiring native speakers from nearby Pueblos to teach language courses in their native language. President Ana “Cha” Guzman noted that the school does not have a good record of attracting or enrolling Native American students, so she sees this as one way to both draw them in and preserve their languages.

In unrelated news:Today (Wednesday September 18th) I ate lunch with a work colleague at Wood Gormley Elementary School. Chicken fajitas was the entree. Not bad. We sat with some 4th graders who were, like most kids their age, must amusing in expressing their observations of school life. One of them said she is a recent transplant from North Carolina and that the mountain altitude of Santa Fe is making her sick. She brought her own lunch. When asked why, she said, “I didn’t like school lunch in North Carolina. It always looked grey or beige.” I told her New Mexican food is very colorful, but she eyed my cafeteria tray and said, “No, it looks just the same.”