My mom told me you shouldn’t drink milk while eating spaghetti as it will make you sick. But I broke that rule today as I had lunch at Gonzales Community School in Santa Fe. I didn’t get sick. I sat with some third-graders. At first they seemed wary but upon hearing I was with the newspaper, they were just chock full of news. It’s funny: kids and teens always show so much more interest in the newspaper than adults, I find. Anyway, once again they sat segregated by gender, and once I again I asked what their favorite topics are. Art, P.E, and Math (yup, math again) topped the list. They said their teacher, Kathleen Perea (they call her Mrs. Perea) makes math fun. I dropped by Perea’s class at the school. She’s been teaching 19 years and said she tells the kids, ‘I’m gonna make math fun.’ She said she loved math as a kid and even when she was in college and didn’t have to take math classes anymore, she took calculus anyay. She invited me to sit in on an upcoming math class, but I’m afraid she’ll call on me to solve a problem, and I’ll have to pretend my cell phone is ringing and I that have something much more urgent to attend to – like root canal. I asked what she likes best about teaching and she said it’s her hope that she is going to leave a lasting impression on her kids. I’m guessing she already is.

Incidentally her third graders were animated in the cafeteria as they discussed their plans to participate in the school’s talent show in May. Talk about pre-planning. Several plan to perform the Gangnam style of dance, and three of them got up from their seats to show me how that works. Basically they kind of looked like Gabby Hayes riding an imaginary horse. I can’t imagine there will be much variety in the talent show from that table, because almost all of them said they are doing that darn Gangnam dance. Here’s a link to a YouTube video on how to Gangnam dance. Have fun. I’ll stick to swing myself.