I stopped into Capshaw Middle School in Santa Fe to eat lunch and meet the new principal, Laura Jeffery. Lunch menu included turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, fresh salad. Plus two chocolate milks (my choice; I could have had white milk). I sat with seven animated and polite 7th grade boys who were impressed with the fact that I write for a newspaper (it’s nice to know someone is!) I asked them if they were planning to graduate high school. All said yes. Then I asked what they wanted to do upon graduation. One said he is going to the New Mexico Military Academy, another said he wants to work for the highway department, a third said he may join the Army, a fourth said he wants to be a video-game designer, and a fifth said he wants to go into computer programming. One didn’t know yet.

The last one – a very gregarious and confident kid – told me he wants to be a pharmacist.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because you make big bucks,” he said.

“Would you rather make good money or do something you want to do?” I asked all of them.

The answer was about 50/50, but one kid said, “I want to do both.”

“That’s what everybody says,” said another of the kids.

And I told 7th-grader Roland Berry I’d try to get his name in the paper or in my blog because he kept asking me. His favorite class is drama. The teacher is Stephanie Alms. My gut tells me Roland’s going to be an actor.